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Complete Collection of 30 Numbered Eileen Boxer Designs for Ubu Gallery Exhibition Invitations from 1994-2011
author Boxer, Eileen
publisher Ubu Gallery 1994 - , 2011
price 2,000.00
A complete collection of the 30 numbered Ubu Art Gallery Exhibition Announcement Cards that were designed by Eileen Boxer from 1994-2011, some of which have been mailed; very good condition; contact me for complete list or more details. The collection includes the following: #1 The Box From Duchamp to Horn 1994 (cardboard box); #2 Joseph Beuys (felt postcard); #3 Homage Exposition Internationale du Surrealisme 1995 (stand up card); #4 Helmut Lohr 1995 (hand stamped and die cut text) ; #5 Hans Bellmer 1995 (doll hand on card); #6 Yoko Ono 1995 (bloody key in plastic bag/done in collaboration with Ono); #7 The Gun 1996 (shot target practice poster with rubber stamp/ done in collaboration with Sachs); #8 George Macunias 1996 (lettraset); #9 Pierre Molinier 1996 (nylon stocking on card); #10 The Subverted Object 1996 (card torn when opened with Pettibone on front); #11 Gary Brotmeyer 1997 (collaged postcard); #12 Jindrich Styrsky 1995 (in black plastic bag/ opened and unopened version); #13 Sol Lewitt 1997 (box with crumpled yellow paper/done in collaboration with Lewitt); #14 The Sixties in the Seventies 1998 (shopping bag); #15 Aleksandr Rodchenko 1998 (button on card); #16 Richard Tipping 1998 (metal license plate/done in collaboration with Tipping); #17 Hans Bellmer 1999 (images in pink folder with black tie); #18 Jacques Villegle 1999 (card you have to tear to read); #19 Destruction / Creation 2000 (card you have to scratch to read); #20 Vik Muniz 2000 (torn newspaper with post-it note/done in collaboration with Muniz); #21 Snapshots 2000 (gelatin silver print); #22 Laszlo Moholy-Nagy 2000 (clear plastic based on photogram device); #23 Behind the Surrealist Curtain 2002 (gauze on card) #24 Gallery Moving 2003 (envelopes in envelopes); #25 Avant-Gardes: Merrill C. Berman Collection 2004 (small reproductions in plastic envelope); #26 Weegee 2004 (folded newspaper); #27 Hans Bellmer 2006 (book with pink cover); #28 Franz Roh 2006 (film strip; misnumbered #27); #29 Metamorphosis Victorianus 2009 (cut card; not numbered); #30 Georges Hugnet 2011 (card with orange feather; misnumbered #29). Foreign shipping may be extra.
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