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Crash! The Book!
by Crash
Pub: Appearances Press , 1986
$ 500.00

Reconsidering the Object of Art: 1965-1975
by Goldstein, Ann and Anne Rorimer, Lucy Lippard, Stephen Melville, Jeff Wall
Pub: Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, 1995
$ 350.00

How to Read Music in One Evening A Clatworthy Catalog
by Sultan, Larry and Mike Mandel
Pub: NY: Clatworthy Colorvues, 1974
$ 300.00

Brice Marden Paintings and Drawings
by Marden, Brice and Klaus Kertess
Pub: NY: Abrams, 1992
$ 350.00

On the Music of the Spheres Photographs by Linda Connor. Poems by Charles Simic (signed by artist and author)
by Connor, Linda and Charles Simic
Pub: Library Fellows of the Whitney Museum of American Art, 1996
$ 750.00

Reconnaissance: Photographs by Walt Odets
by Odets, Walt
Pub: Peter Wells Press and Alfa Cooperative, 1971
$ 200.00

Robert Delaunay
by Delaunay, Robert and F. Gilles de la Tourette, Yvon Bizardel
Pub: Paris: Librairie Centrale des Beaux-Arts and Charles Massin, 1950
$ 200.00

Yayoi Kusama
by Kusama, Yayoi and Louise Neri, Robert Nickas, Midori Yamamura
Pub: NY: Gagosian Gallery, 2009
$ 275.00

Andreas Gursky
by Gursky, Andreas and Bernhard Burgi
Pub: Kunsthalle Zurich, 1992
$ 300.00

Thea Segall: Con La Luz de Venezuela
by Segall, Thea and Carlos Gottberg
Pub: Caracas: Editorial Arte, 1978
$ 300.00

Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue
by Oliver, Richard
Pub: The MIT Press and Architectural History Foundation, 1983
$ 200.00

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